Businesses and personal relationships often fail because of one thing…effective communications.  Whether it’s called advertising, top of mind awareness or a personal touch (written or spoken) it is important to let your market and friends know you are still out there.   Frequent contact with important data will keep folks aware of what you are up to in your business and personal life.   There is evidence that suggests that frequent and excessive messages will not necessarily have the recipients screaming for you to stop sending them especially if they have asked to be on your list.  But let’s be realistic.  It’s annoying.

Email is very effective for rapid and low cost dispersal of your important information.  Click Here for a link to one of the best known services out there.


For lasting impressions it’s hard to beat printed  materials, especially one with a personalized message to the intended recipient.  A hand written letter or card is about as personal as you can get… no doubt about it.  The reality is that few of us take the time to gather the necessary items of pen, paper or cards, envelopes, and stamps; and then follow up with the writing and the subsequent mailing of the correspondence.  There is an effective alternative for a lasting impression. It is something that has been seen in prominent places for years after it was received.  To reach the minds, hearts and desks, shelves, bulletin boards and in some cases picture frames, click here for more information. Be sure to try the free offer.  It can change your life!